I'm still undecided after last night's Republican Presidential debate on ABC
I'm on an almost archeological family dig--aka cleaning out junk

On New Hampshire's primary election day, sorting today's choices here in Michigan

It's almost 8:30 a.m. here in central Michigan and it's dark outside while the rain comes down on a day of record-breaking temperatures.  Instead of being distracted by CNN and its news about the New Hampshire primary, I want to take a few minutes to sort out online my choices and actions for the day.

Here's a summary:

  • My morning devotion--most mornings I read the devotion from Our Daily Bread from Radio Bible Class.  As a believer in Jesus Christ, I believe that the Bible is his message to me and others.  Each devotion is based on a verse and tries to tie it to life today.

Today's verses are from 1 Samuel 30:1-6 where King David and his people had been attacked and about to be beaten by the Amalekites.  His wife and kids were taken captive.  He was distressed and discouraged.  The devotion talks about how to be strengthened, encouraged and refreshed in Jesus.

  • My read of news media, especially about the New Hamshire primary and the economy--New York Times reporter/columnist David Brooks contrasts the similarities and differences of Barack Obama and John McCain.  The partisan side of me shudders at Obama. 

But, reading the Brooks story, I have to admire the Illinois senator's emphasis on building community and consensus in this country.  He may be an orthodox liberal, but he's right about the importance of ridding this country of extreme partisanship which is moving us closer to a second civil war.

About McCain, I'm really attracted to his pattern of taking unscripted questions from audiences at his townhalls and his desire to engage the electorate in a real conversation where he seems to listen.

  • New York Times also covered Bush talking about how the economy might be tanking.  There's the possibility of an economic recession.  What does that mean for Michigan?  We've been living with a recession for several years.  Is the Great Lakes state looking at a depression?

Do you wonder about the definition of a recession?  Wikipedia describes the criteria for a recession in some detail.

  • Being intentional about the choices in my life--I find it to easy to let life fly by without accomplishing the items on my personal life to-do list.  Some of these items are pretty important.  Some are related to health and keeping it.  There are many more.  So, I have been listening to CDs from Dr. Randy Carlson about Intentional Living.

This morning I listened to him talk about the first step in his five step process for making decisions and reaching goals or solving a problem.  It centers on thinking through clearly about the real problem or situation that I'm trying to tackle.  He gives some good examples of what he's talking about.