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Can anything be done to prevent Michigan potholes from forming?

Driving in Michigan these days, you almost need a spotter for the potholes in the road.  Here in middle part of the state we have been through several freeze thaw cycles so far this year and the roads are showing it in spades.

At a city hall meeting yesterday, everybody was talking about their cars and the beating they were taking.  One member of the committee I serve on is a retired state employee with engineering background.  He says:

Potholes can be prevented.
A retired guy with a background in engineering, he said the solution rests with the construction method.  He shared technical details and maintained adamantly that it all depends on taking the right steps.

Okay, anybody agree?  Can we do anything to get rid of potholes?

Just to provide some context, read this story from today's Detroit Free Press about a woman's trip in a new car and how it got swallowed up by a pothole.

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