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CNN's interview with Chicago Tribune's Clarence Page shows big media can get facts wrong

While watching CNN this morning, I watched an interview with the Chicago Tribune's political pundit Clarence Page.  During his comments about the presidential primary campaigns, a graphic came up on the screen stating that he started with Trib in 1972.

Wrong!  Basic factual error.

How do I know that?  In 1969, Clarence and I were partners at the Trib's Neighborhood News covering the southside.  He stayed with the Trib, left for awhile to do television and then came back. 

My point:  The New York Times today published a story about John McCain suggesting that he had an inappropriate relationship with a female lobbyist.  There were assertions supported by virtually nothing other than unnamed sources.

You judge whether the story is true or whether it's sloppy or yellow journalism. 

But, look at the giant international news station, CNN, couldn't even get a basic fact about Clarence Page right.