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Michigan's state lawmakers need to follow John McCain's position on ethanol

Michigan politicians are falling over themselves to bring special tax breaks to ethanol producers, a bio-fuel that supposedly lessens our need for fossil fuels like crude oil and its derivative gasoline. 

Evidence shows that ethanol made from corn holds out false hopes as an energy substitute to operate our cars.  I wrote two earlier posts about this.  It will cost more to produce, requires record-sized federal and state subsidies, is more harmful to the environment and is less efficient for cars that use it.

Our State House voted 108-0 to give bio-fuel companies a preferential tax break.

John  McCain has had the political backbone to recognize and publicly state that ethanol is not a good deal for our country.  Here's what Ken Braun of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy says in a comment on my post about the topic:

Something else I meant to mention is that not all politicians are duped by ethanol. One very notable exception is none other than John McCain, who went to Iowa and more or less told them that he wasn't going to seriously contest their caucus because he had every intention of cutting off their ethanol subsidies if he won the White House.

This really raises my opinion about McCain.  Is his openness typical of the way he handles issues generally?