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If you see Denver Bronco's Jason Elam in Iraq, ask him about his blog

The star kicker for the Denver Broncos, Jason Elam, will be watching the Superbowl today from some place in Iraq.  He will be with U.S. troops who will be getting a little taste of home through the game and his visit.

To record his trip, he started a blog, Monday Night Jihad, which had its last post on Jan. 31,  last Thursday.  He wrote about going from camp-to-camp in Kuwait through sandstorms and camel jams.

They were waiting for a military transport to take them into Iraq.  Then his blog goes dark with nothing written after that.

While there, Elam, who's known for having kicked a record 63-yard field goal is handing out copies of his new book, Monday Night Jihad.

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