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What should I write about in my personal blog--Daily Grit?

For the past several weeks, I've struggled with the question of what I should write about in my four year-old personal blog-Daily Grit.  Somehow I got distracted from my reason for doing this.

I've viewed this blog as a mirror that shows an image of what I'm doing, thinking, reading and planning for the future. 

And I'm doing this from a special vantage point.  I'm part of the huge first class of baby boomers born in 1946.  Many of us have retired and are searching for their next assignment in life.  Secondly, I live in Michigan, a state that at one time was the center of hope for earning a good living and for raising a family.

Now our state is at the edge of a high economic cliff.  The once proud auto industry is hardly a shadow of its former self.  High paying factory jobs are quickly becoming a memory.  The challenge is whether Michigan can make the transition or will it continue to decline.

This blog is about looking at life on a daily basis through my eyes.  There will be continued opinion, references and links to what I'm reading along with other items that matter to me and might matter to someone else.


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