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Which presidential candidate can do something about the potholes in Lansing, MI?

During this time of high politics in our country, it's easy to get caught up in the more weighty issues of the moment like the economy and healthcare. But, here in Lansing, MI, our state's capital city, I'm more concerned right now about potholes on city roads.

Taking my wife to work this morning, a five-minute drive, I ran into crater-sized potholes which come up with no warning in the day time and when it's dark are just plain impossible to see. I haven't taken a ruler to measure their depth, but I'm sure that many measure a foot deep or more.

Yesterday, I traveled Jolly Road, a main east-west corridor on the southside of the city. Instead of driving my almost ten year-old Malibu, I need a Humvee to travel a road that resembled the backroads of a developing African country that I visited a couple of years ago.

What's the answer to this freeze thaw cycle that destroys Michigan road's especially during this winter season where the weather can go from below zero to the high 40's in the matter of a day?

Part of the answer lies in communication, I believe. City Hall and Mayor Virg Bernero need to weave residents into the whole process of what's happening with our streets. Extra efforts need to be made to communicate why the city can't do a better job.

Lansing City Hall, including City Council members, has to do a better job of listening, communicating and reacting.

Anybody agree? Disagree?