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A short guide for Michigan State University students from foreign countries on how to appreciate the State Capitol

My assignment:
Tomorrow I will be sharing with a group of Michigan State students about the State Capitol which is almost right next door to the East Lansing campus. I've been told that the students will be mostly from China and South Korea and are highly-educated.

Some or many of them have expressed an interest in state government which is so close and face the challenge of making sense of how we govern ourselves on the state level. It's also an encouragement for them to make the trip downtown to see for themselves our state government in operation.


By living in Michigan, they have front row seats on a human drama of many acts that will affect the lives of millions in this state, around the country and the world. Much of the outcome will be determined by what happens in our state's government, including the legislative, executive and judicial branches. All three are right here in Lansing and are accessible to everybody.

 My goal:
Watching American government in action can be much like watching this country's brand of football.  Without some orientation, it can be confusing to the point of not making sense.  There are so many different players and groups with their own agendas that making sense of what's happening can seem impossible.  But, in the end the winner is declared by having at least one more vote than the other person, whether running in an election or trying to make laws.      

With this blog post, I want to share some links to help decipher what's going on in state government.  While in this country, you are invited to watch, listen, ask questions and take part in the debate which will culminate with the November election.

Here are some links to aid that effort: