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How good are Michigan's members of the U.S. Congress at getting pork barrel spending for the state

Detroit Free Press this morning has this list of Michigan members of the U.S. Congress and how much they've gotten for our state through earmarks, the latest way to get pork barrel spending.

Keep in mind this is your money and earmarks are usually done below the public radar and go to areas and projects with the best lobbyists and most powerful members of Congress.

Here's a definition of the process from the Free Press which Republican presidential candidate John McCain said he would end:

Earmarks are line items stuck in budget bills by representatives or senators for specific spending in their states or districts. They are debated little if at all, the thinking being that if you go after mine, I’m going to object to yours. So everyone just looks the other way. Earmarks also are veto-proof because they are line items that cannot be singled out in the huge spending bills sent to the president.

Congress has been a little more restrained about earmarks since the practice got so out of hand, but we are still talking about $18.3 billion in tax dollars this year. Earmarks are the latest incarnation of pork barrel spending, and of course everyone is against that — including the Free Press — unless the pork is extra money coming to Michigan. ;)