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Is Michigan's hike in minimum wage a job killer for summer hires this year?

If your'e a high school or college student looking for a summer job in Michigan this year, you more than likely will have a tough time finding work.

The Detroit News reports this morning that with our state having the highest unemployment rate in the nation--7.2 percent--that students will have to compete for low-paying, part-time summer jobs alongside breadwinners who are trying to make ends meet.

Are there fewer summer jobs because of the increasing minimum wage?

Here's what one economist in the state said:

This summer's increase in the state's minimum wage won't help the job situation, said Dana Johnson, chief economist for Comerica Bank. The regular minimum wage increases from $7.15 an hour to $7.40 on July 1, and the sub-minimum wage, for those under 18, goes from $6.08 to $6.29.

Johnson called the wage hike a "job killer," because employers will hire fewer workers to compensate for their higher payrolls.

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