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Super-wife and I look at Easter from the shores of Lake Huron

It's Easter morning and we are watching the news on television in our motel room in Tawas City.  We are here because of one of those "empty-nester moments."  The kids live in different states.  We don't have a dog to worry about and there wasn't anything else going on.

So, the light bulb went on and we decided to get in the car and drive to see where we landed.  We thought about Mackinaw City on the northern tip of Michigan.  We decided to keep an eye on the weather which can change on a moments notice in our state.  If you get too far away and snow comes the trip could become more of an adventure than we wanted to take in our older Chevy Malibu.

Our first stop yesterday was in Bay City where we visited friends.  Then we got in the car and drove along the eastern edge of the state right next to the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron and landed here in Tawas City.

We will celebrate Easter here at a local church.  We know that Jesus lives and he reigns and that he's the only real hope in this messed up world.  He has risen.  You bet he has.  Here's a couple of pics:
Looking at Tawas Bay and Lake Huron Michigan

Super-wife and me