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Wrap-up: Our "empty-nester" trip to northern Michigan on Easter weekend 2008

We're home from our spontaneous quickie "empty-nester" weekend trip to northern Michigan.  We drove north on a whim realizing that our kids wouldn't be home from two different states; we had no dog to keep us home and the invite basket was empty for this Easter weekend.

Here are some notes that might be of casual interest:

  • I'm glad that we resisted the habit that we've acquired over the years of feeling that we needed to plan a foray that would take us out overnight.
  • It really helped to see some different scenery, but more it helped me resist the inertia of many babyboomers that keeps them on familiar ground like home.
  • Church is important for us and this being Easter Sunday, it was especially important. 
  • We found a neat little church in East Tawas, MI, called Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church that was packed to the rafters with a continuum of ages from the very young to the very old.  They seemed friendly and didn't seem pretentious.
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Tawas, MI H & H Bakery and Restaurant in AuGres, MI
  • The pastor, the Rev. Denis Gundersen, projected a very pastoral demeanor and had a great sermon.
  • But, maybe, I'm showing my age, but I don't remember the introduction which at the time I thought was particularly appropriate. She also included application.
  • We stopped H & H Bakery and Restaurant in AuGres.  From the outside, it seemed like a nice family restaurant and on the inside the people seemed very friendly.  But . . .
  • The smokers inside gave the inside the stench of a pool hall and a bar.  We left and went elsewhere.
  • Michigan needs to follow other states and prohibit smoking in bars and restaurants.
  • In Bay City where we ate Easter Dinner at the Ponderosa, we paid $2 for a Bay City Times, the daily newspaper.  I bought it for nostalgia and to see what was happening in my hometown.  Was it worth it?  No.

Will we continue to practice being spontaneous?  You bet.  We would both recommend it.