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How do I know if I'm a confessional Lutheran?

I'm confused about the current civil war that seems to be going on in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

There seems to be different classes or level of believers in the church body that I was born into more than 61 years ago.  There's the conservatives, there are the real conservatives and then there are the confessional Lutherans.

I'm not sure what group I fall into.  If I fall into the wrong group does that mean that I'm not going to heaven? 

I was baptized as an infant back in 1946.  If you're Lutheran, that's good, right?  Then I went to a Lutheran grade school for eight years and was confirmed when I was in eighth grade.  That's when I went before the membership at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City, MI and publicly-stated what I believed, particularly the content of the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed.  What else is there?

I believe that I'd be eternal toast without Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross.  I believe in the Holy Bible, front to back.

But, there appears to be a group in my church body who feel that's not enough.  To get the okay from God, you now apparently need to subscribe to and understand every word in the Book of Concord.  You have to subscribe to a particular format for a worship service.  The music has to be a certain way.  Do all that then you are a confessional Lutheran.  Don't worship with non-Lutheran Christians.  Don't go to Promise Keepers.  Don't read Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life.  If you do, you might be called a heretic. The list goes on and on.

Check out some resources on the web and in the blogosphere:

This fight which has been going on for decades has really distracted from the meaning of the Gospel, I feel.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod continues to marginalize itself in terms of societal influence.

They fight like a bunch of politicians who hate each other, distrust each other, but put on a smiley face when confronted in a more formal setting.

I'm tired of it.

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