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In Michigan, is it time to start a draft committee to get Ford CEO Alan Mullaly to run for governor?

An automotive resurrection is happening in Michigan and to Ford Motor Company and its success can be pegged to new CEO Alan R. Mulally.  Today's news in the Detroit Free Press of Ford's $100 million profit in Dearborn brings a little economic sunshine to a state that hasn't seen much lately.

Just perhaps the automobile industry can dig itself out of the hole that it has put itself into.  Look at Ford.  It's making cars like the Ford Focus, vehicles that real people want to actually buy.  It's price for a new vehicle is almost affordable and it gets great mileage during a time when gas prices are skyrocketing.

What could this mean for the state of Michigan?

We finally have a leader in the state who knows how to lead and he has a track record to show he knows what he's talking about. 

Our state is dying on the vine because we lack leadership that we can circle around and follow.  Alan Mulally identified the problems at Ford, devised a consensual plan and made Ford into one big team.  Costs had to be cut.  He identified where that needed to happen and did it.  He has been very transparent which has made him more believable.

He didn't have to deal with elected politicians or political parties.  But, he had to deal with the UAW.  Which group would be harder?

The state of Michigan needs somebody with his qualities.

Is it time to pass the word to others and let Mulally know that our state needs somebody like him to pull us out of the morass we are in?

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