Links from May 20, 2008: Sharing my online reading from the heart of Michigan
Indy Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seems to be big hit in mid-Michigan

Our "son-in-law elect" makes good member of our family and good northerner

"Super-daughter" brought our "son-in-law elect" home for a visit last weekend.  We had spent time with him a couple times before in different states. 

There's a special synergy between the two of them, our daughter who grew up in Lansing and her intended who is from North Carolina and Bosnia where the two  of them met.

This weekend was a good time.  We had plenty of time to sit around the kitchen table.  We drank coffee, a Honey Brown beer, checked out highspots in the area during wedding dress shopping and we went to church together.

He's a classy guy with the right values and who really loves our daughter. 

Family of the bride to-be with son in-law to be