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I got to know Brian Young, the recently-retired principle of Immanuel Lutheran School in Bay City, through my wife who was his third grade teacher for several years.  We became acquainted at various faculty functions and a handful of dinners around his kitchen table. Brian Young retirement luncheon Brian Young retirement luncheon 

At his retirement luncheon last Sunday, June 22, I heard all the well-earned "goo and gush" about how great a man he was as a co-worker and boss.  I regret that I haven't talked much to Brian in the past 20 years, but my guess is that he was uncomfortable with the acclamation.

This is a man who dedicated himself to the education of children at his grades K-8 school located in a city that serves as  a gateway to Michigan's "Up North." 

This is a person who for more than 30 years got to school by 6 a.m. and stayed well past the end of the school day.  He impressed me as a true servant.  He salted school steps and sidewalks.  He wasn't afraid to use a broom nor did he back away from a need where he could help.

In addition, he was affirming of everybody and was able to see through a person and find their positive attributes and let them know he saw them. 

I bet his satisfaction comes from a quiet recognition that God has used as a tool to share the hope that Jesus Christ has to offer everybody, kids, their parents and anybody else he came across.  This sharing didn't come from preaching but from living out his life where he put others ahead of himself.

I'm glad we went to the lunch.  This guy has left a real legacy with his own children, his students and their parents. I hope that we have a chance to become reacquainted and catch up.    

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