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I need to learn about petition drive by Michigan Democrats to change state government

I've caught bits and pieces about the eight-page petition of changes that Michigan Democrats want to make to our state government.  I've tried to ignore with hopes that it would go away, but it's not.  So, can anybody point to an online version of the petition.

I know that Nick at Right Michigan has been covering the petition with a variety of posts.  Does he have links to these posts aggregated in one spot?  What else do I need to read to get up to speed about what appears to be some very dangerous possibilities?

In this post, Nick describes one proposal in the petition.
  Reapportioning Michigan legislative districts would be taken out of the hands of the legislature and given to a nine member panel.  If the panel can't decide, then it's decided by a coin flip. 

Anybody got background about how all this came together?

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