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Is it sad or funny that John McCain has to have his wife get his e-mail?

I know a lot of guys who are around John McCain's age and they need their wives to get their e-mails.  These guys might be able to fix a broken dishwasher or strip down and put back together a stubborn snow mobile, but computers intimidate them.

But, what about presidents?  They are pretty much isolated and depend on their staff to get information.  This means that they are beholden to look at individuals and events through the eyes of somebody else.

The web changes that.  Can't you visualize a president going to Wikipedia?  How about reading blogs?  A president would be able to get more of an unfiltered view of individuals and issues by reading blogs.  Just think about it. 

Given his background in the U.S. Senate and in the Navy, you'd think that McCain would be the first guy in line to get a new iPhone.  I'm a little disappointed.  But, I like his straight forward answer.

Check out this video where McCain and other Republican candidates talk about their Mac v. PC preferences and where McCain tips his hand.  Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang for the link to the video and for raising the issue.