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Is my Uncle Ron right about Ron Paul as a candidate for President?

My Uncle Ron and I have been talking about politics since I was a very young teenager.  It's been a staple of our relationship.  I remember when I was sixteen-years-old and recruited him and many of my moms 12 brothers and sisters to be delegates to the Republican county convention.

He's a retired businessman and when I visited him in northern Michigan about a week ago, he said he was thinking about giving serious support to Ron Paul for the presidential nomination.  Sitting next to each other on the couch, I nodded and then said, I didn't think U.S. Rep. Paul was grounded in reality.

I watched this YouTube video of Ron Paul speaking on the floor of the U.S. House and I was jolted back into reality.  High gas prices are coming from inflation driven by all the money spent on Iraq and then he sounds the warning about how the U.S. is laying the groundwork for invading Iran.

Is voting for Ron Paul a wasted vote? 

From either the Republican or Democratic point of view is he seeing the issues the correct way?

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