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Just what Michigan needs, two more casinos--one in Port Huron and another in Romulus

The growth industry in Michigan seems to be gambling and the construction of casinos.

Take the proposal in the U.S. Congress to build so-called Indian casinos in the cities of Port Huron and Romulus.  It will be considered this week in the House and it looks like it could pass.

In a story this morning, the Detroit Free Press says that each casino would create 3,000 jobs.  There's no discussion about the negatives, including the principle of whether gambling is right or wrong. 

Look at Michigan's economy and how the state's residents are struggling just to pay for everyday living expenses.  Then look at all the casinos we have now.

One wonders if its the Indians pushing this expansion of gaming in the Great Lakes state or if it's the white man exploiting them again.

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