Lansing City Council member briefs her constituents about storm recovery efforts, etc.
An occasion worth celebrating: Today's our 27th wedding anniversary

My Friday--June 20, 2008--online reading list; starting with gold rush in Bola Vista Brazil

Here's what I'm reading before breakfast, a hot bowl of oatmeal with Craisins on top:

  1. Brazil gold rush--Did you know that there was a gold rush in Bola Vista, Brazil about 40 years ago?  Reading in RBC's Our Daily Bread, I learned that Bola Vista was right on the edge of a big gold field.  It became a boom town until the government saw the environmental damage being done.  Mart DeHaan tells about how God allows the same thing to happen to his people when their attention gets diverted from him.
  2. Planning a wedding with the Internet--My son-in-law elect, Adam Jones, writes about  how he and my daughter, Krista, are using the Internet to plan their October wedding.  Right now, he's in Bosnia and she's in Indy.  They talk everyday using VOIP, allowing them to check sites for everything from their honeymoon to getting a marriage license.  He's doing a great job of keeping everybody informed through his blog--Ironies and Musings from a White Middle Class, 20 Something.
  3. Doctrine of Adoption--My friend, Dave Porter, writes about the Doctrine of Adoption where God takes us as his children.  This is a post worth bookmarking or printing off.  I've never fully absorbed the reality of having God as my father.  I am a father, but I've never had an earthly one that I knew.  Dave's post tells me it's time to rethink that. 
  4. Michigan doesn't trust its legislators--This survey reported in today's Detroit Free Press shows that only 11 percent of those surveyed in the state felt that the legislature was doing a good job.  How sad and it's unlikely to change.  Our state lawmakers are so caught up in power-hungry partisanship and the desire to perpetuate themselves in office that the people they are supposed to serve don't trust them.  How do we change that?
  5. Twitter stream from U.S. Rep. John Culberson --This member of the U.S. Congress from the Houston area microblogs his activities, particularly his time on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.  This is good.  Don't know what Twitter is?  It's time to learn.
Hey, I was wrong about oatmeal today.  We are having a Weight Watcher's version of french toast.  Time to eat breakfast.
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