A giant in the lives of kids in the Bay City (MI) area steps down as principal of a historic Lutheran school
Are Michigan's standards for high school graduates too tough?

What's it going to take to fix Detroit Public Schools?

Everybody in Michigan, from Houghton-Hancock to St. Joseph should be asking why Detroit Public Schools are failing?

Read today's story in the Detroit Free Press about Detroit schools
superintendent Dr. Connie Calloway and your heart has to hurt for the city's school-age children and their parents.  From news accounts, it seems like the city's school system is in a death spiral that it can't pull out of.

The story says:

Calloway inherited a district with the country's worst enrollment drop, decreasing per-pupil funding and the lowest graduation rate among big-city districts. She was brought to town to make sweeping change.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue.  It's a kid issue.  They need to have hope for the future.  A good education is a big part of that.

What's the answer?

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