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Can we blame Michigan's environmental elites for high gas prices destroying the state?

Michigan's environmental elites and those from the rest of the country want gas prices to stay high and get even higher even if it wrings every last cent out of the working class, according to Chuck Colson, a conservative radio commentator.

In a recent commentary,
he describes the environmental elite as wanting higher gas prices as part of their social engineering efforts to produce an artificial shortage.  The result will be conservation of this non-renewable resource even if it drives everyday working men and women to poverty.

This country has the oil supplies offshore which the environmental elite folks don't want to tap.  They say it won't make any difference.  Not so says Colson.

If Democrats backed down on their opposition to offshore drilling, the supplies could start flowing within two years, according the former White House staffer.

Reportedly, U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin and Harry Reid are reconsidering their opposition.