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Could the Holy Spirit be nudging us about Christ the King Anglican Church in Dewitt, MI?

Superwife and I went to Christ the King Anglican Church in Dewitt, MI for the second time this morning.  The 10 a.m. service is held in a section of an old outlet mall a few miles north of Lansing. 

We visited there for a couple of reasons.  Typically, during the summer we take time to visit other churchesLogotype in the area.  It gives us a chance to experience other traditions and meet other people who believe in Jesus Christ, but might approach worship from a different perspective than we do in our Lutheran background.

Second reason is that our son, Justin, is a regular attender at the Church of the Resurrection on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  We've been there and we've enjoyed the service, everything from the music, to the liturgy and the enthusiasm of the worship.

Both churches are part of the Anglican Mission in the Americas which I'm still  learning about.  Apparently, it is a conservative version of the Anglican Church and has aligned itself with an Anglican bishop in Rwanda. 

Okay, what about our impressions of our local Christ the King Anglican Church here in mid-Michigan?

We both left feeling like we were spiritually-fed.  What does that mean?  I feel like I'm a little more connected to God. 

It was a liturgical service where the different parts were explained and there seemed to be a sense of mission.  Hey, this is mid-Michigan where people are hurting because of money-related problems, like no job, no health coverage and little hope for the future.  It's a place where there isn't much to focus on other than God. 

Listen to today's sermon from Father Jack Lumanog
where he talks about the parable of the wheat and the tares.  He tied it to everyday life.  Check his personal blog.  And, he tied it to the Gospel where Jesus paid for our sins on the cross and gives us the only true hope.   I got the message.  I've left tares or weeds mess with my faith and the way I've lived out that faith in God.  That can only be fixed through Jesus.

Both Gladys and I were born into the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.  Yup, it's centered on Jesus.  Grace  alone is what it's all about.  The Bible alone and faith alone. 

But, the church body I grew up in seems really lukewarm.  Maybe, I'm lukewarm.  I need a heart change.  I know that. 

I'm not sure where this summer church visiting is going to take us.

But, we are both open to the Holy Spirit's leading.