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Detroit, a big part of the heart of Michigan, is crashing and burning because of Democratic party dominance

Put whatever public relations spin you want on it, but the city of Detroit is in a death dive that it doesn't seem capable of pulling out of.

Check the daily headlines where there are stories of municipal corruption starting with the mayor, extending to the Detroit City Council along with gross mismanagement at the Detroit Public Schools.

Why is this happening in a city that had been the heart of Michigan.  When I was a youngster growing up in Bay City, my mom's church group would charter a bus to spend a day in Detroit shopping at Hudsons and eating at a nice restaurant.

Nick at Right Michigan, in a post today,
and who is from Grand Rapids shares his Detroit pride.  He also pegs the city's problems to a lack of political accountability.  Regardless of what its political leaders do to diminish life in the city, voters keep putting them back in office and they are always from the Democratic party. 

This fealty to the Democratic party has been abused by city leaders who see it as a blank check to do whatever they want. 

Can anybody point to cities which have been in a free fall like Detroit that have been able to pull back on the stick and get back on an even keel?  What did they do to get there?

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