Averill Woods (Lansing, MI) gather to discuss crime uptick
Should I apologize to Lansing (MI) Mayor Bernero for saying we need transparency in city hall?

Hold up your left hand and look at the top left and that's Petoskey, MI

We broke loose from the middle of Michigan this weekend for Petoskey on the northwest side of our beautiful, but troubled state.  From home base, it's a straight ride up the middle of the state with a left turn just before you get to the top.

Getaways with superwife are great.  2701881831_1bbac83dd3_m We stopped for lunch at the state of Michigan Welcome Center just outside Clare and then drove the rest of the way to this resort town on Lake Michigan where a relative's son is getting married.

Here are bits and pieces that we noticed along the way:

  • There are plenty of cars filled with families heading north which means that not everybody is scared away by the high gas prices. 
  • We are staying at the Odawa Resort just outside Petoskey where the casino is packed with senior citizens.  The slots seemed to be getting the action. 
  • But, it was our shuttle driver back to the hotel who provided the important insight about where Michigan voters might be headed this November.

He's a veteran from the Vietnam era and a German national born to a family from one of the Baltic states who lived there during the rule of the Communist regine.

Our driver expressed his tiredness with the business as usual attitude in Washington.  He see's our politicians as more interested in their own welfare and not his.

He's voting for Obama for one reason.  He says our country needs new blood running it and not the same crew who has brought us earmarks for their friends and scandal that's become commonplace.

Is he the exception with this attitude or does he represent the attitude of many more? 

He just wants change from what we have now and his vote will reflect that.