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Here's what we've done so far in Washington, DC while visiting our son

Report on our trip to visit our "favorite son" in Washington D.C.

It's our first trip where both of us have transitioned to retired or semi-retired babyboomers. We are visiting our son, Justin, here in Washington, D. C. What a privilege to see your grown-up kids in their own environment.

My first reaction is very clear: I'm a blessed person. God has blessed me greatly with my family. Words can't describe how I feel about being married, having kids, being part of their growth at home and watching them as they find their places in the world. By the way, we also have a daughter, Krista, a neo-natal intensive care nurse in Indy who's engaged to a great guy, Adam.

We got into D.C. on Friday morning. The ride from Reagan Airport was like being part of a Las Vegas improv performance. We had a 70-year-old cabbie who recited poetry and interspersed it with his philosophy of life.

Being the Fourth of July weekend, we've had a weekend that's folded into appropriate experiences. We watched the first five segments of the John Adams HBO miniseries at Justin's apartment. We watched a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives and then went to the Newseum which was way much better than I expected.

I will post more pictures and impressions after we get back from visiting Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington. Here's one of my first videos from my Flip Mino camera and my first experience with uploading to Viddler: