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Retired MI mortgage broker has advice for business people who are desperate

Business people are getting hammered these days and a lot of them are losing everything on which they built their lives. It's easy to not see the doorway out of big troubles.

My friend Dave Porter lives in Arizona, but used to own a successful mortgage business here in Michigan.

He's been on a journey and he's made a lot of discoveries about life and hope that he's sharing on his blog, Boomer In The Pew. I invite you to read his posts and check his transparency. He talks openly and honestly about where he's been, where he's at now and where he's headed.

Read today's post about a mortgage broker in Phoenix who committed suicide after his business started failing. Check the link to a video about another guy named David. He was a womanizer, a murderer and had tons of power. He had every material possession available.

Bottom line: There's hope, real hope and it's there for everybody. Check it out.