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What's the best way to raise high school grad rates for black males in MI?

What will it take to raise the high school graduation rates for black males in Michigan and the city of Detroit?

A new report, according to the Detroit Free Press says:

In Michigan, just 33% of black male students graduated on time, compared with 74% of white male students. The numbers are worse for Detroit Public Schools for both black and white male students: 20% and 17%, respectively, graduated on time in the district.

Nationwide, 47% of black male students and 75% of white male students graduated on time.

The consequences are huge for those who don't graduate.  There's a lost opportunity cost that will ripple down through the generations.

My son-in-law to-be, Adam Jones, from Indy writes in his blog about the low graduation rate in his city and stresses the urgency of the need to find a solution.

Anybody with answers?  Suggestions?