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We've switched from drapes in our living room to Levalor vertical blinds

This is not earth-shaking, but we dumped our drapes in our living room for Levalor's vertical blinds.

Somehow we got in the crosshairs of our traverse rod holding our drapes.  We couldn't restring it and we couldn't get a new one to operate the way it should.  The drapes just didn't hang right.  So, we decided to change.

When we took our coupon to the local J.C. Pennys, we had a very helpful clerk and we had lots of choices.  For less than $300 we had custom vertical blinds.

Installation of the brackets was patience-producing and the valance still seems to be a challenge, but we'll get it.

Here's a photo record of our last steps in getting them installed:

Dumping drapes for vertical blinds in our living room