Read this if you think you'll live to be 50-60 years old or if you're that now
Thumbing through the online newspapers and stuff on Friday, Sep. 19

About Me: Some things you should know about Wes Thorp

After rereading my "About Me" page, I was bored and I could see the reader going "blah, blah, and more blah."

So what captures the essence of my identity, who I am now, where I've been and where I want to go? 

Here's basic facts:

  • I'm married to a recently-retired third grade Lutheran school teacher,
  • Proud father of two grown children,
  • A member of the first-class of babyboomers,
  • A former veteran staff member of the Michigan Legislature,
  • A former newspaper reporter,
  • A graduate of the Michigan State University School of Journalism,
  • A child of a single-mom who was a real survivor and knew how to love unconditionally,
  • An owner of two Chevy's both old, a Malibu and a Lumina,
  • A former in-prison volunteer under the auspices of Prison Fellowship for almost 20 years,
  • A Barry Goldwater conservative who believes that personal freedom is vital,
  • A struggling Lutheran who's tired of the lethargy and lukewarmness of the church,
  • A son who has memory of meeting his father only once and was instantly disowned,
  • A seeker who's looking to nurture his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
This blog started as a trial run with blogs just about four years ago.  There's a lot of stuff on this blog that nobody would be interested in, including me.  However, there might be some stuff that strike a spark.

It's my chronicle of life as I live it, read about it and think about the future.

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