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Lansing (MI) Mayor Virg Bernero needs to explain why Detroit's getting new Volt assembly plant

Our town, Lansing (MI), is a proud General Motors car town.  People here still get excited about the Oldsmobile brand which was born, headquartered and produced here.

So, why didn't our area here is mid-Michigan get the new production plant for GM's new electric car, the Volt, which is scheduled to be available in dealers' showrooms in late Nov. 2010?

The Detroit Free Press says in a story
yesterday at this high-tech vehicle will be built at the Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly Plant complex if it's able to successfully negotiate incentives with the state of Michigan.

Mayor Virg Bernero is always front and center at Lansing City Council meetings and other functions about his aggressive recruiting of jobs for this area.

Why aren't we getting this?  There might be a perfectly understandable answer, but he and his administration need to be straight forward about whether they knew about it and what they did to get it.

Can our area recruit suppliers who will make components for this new technology?

I don't ask this to make Bernero defensive, but to better understand how serious of a player our city is in recruiting new automotive technologies.  I know we've had some success.  But, this electric car is a whole new arena and we need to be in the competition to get it.

Anybody agree?  Disagree?

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