Does Dave Bing, former Detroit Piston, have the qualifications to be Motor City Mayor?
This morning we went to a Rwandan mission church in the heart of mid-Michigan

My Sunday (Sep. 21, 08) morning online reading before church

My online check of news and other stuff has to be quick this morning because I got up late and I still need to eat and shower before going to church.  Here's where I've been:

  • Detroit Free Press story by Katherine Yung that maintains alternative energy is key to our state's economic recovery.  Interesting facts from the story:  In Hemlock, just west of Saginaw, there's "a billion-dollar plant expansion" for Hemlock Semiconductor which makes a parts that go into solar cells; the state has lost nearly 460,000 jobs since the start of 2000.  It's worth a read.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer column by Kevin Ferris who writes on concerns that rampant racism might keep Barack Obama from the presidency.  Ferris comments that voters might just be concerned that he's not ready to be president.  This will more than likely be talked about much more in the next month.
  • The Thicket at State Legislatures, a blog about legislative happenings around the country, poses of the dilemma of having to decide whether bloggers qualify as journalists who can cover their happenings.  This vital topic.  Do professional journalists have higher standards than bloggers who are usually more partisan?
  • The New York Post writes about how the stock market last week was 500 trades away from a total meltdown or Armageddon as they describe it.  If feds hadn't intervened the stock market could have lost 22 percent of its value.

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