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Super-wife and I had same reaction to movie Fireproof-Never Leave Your Partner Behind

Go to the website for the movie Fireproof--Never Leave Your Partner Behind and click on the trailer for the movie.

See if you can relate to the story that's presented in the short clip for this movie that was released nationwide yesterday and was featured on the Dr. Phil show on Thursday.  

My wife and I saw the second showing of it yesterday at Celebration Cinema in Lansing (MI), where maybe two handfuls of people were in the audience.  Our reaction to the movie:  If you're married, about to be married or might get married in the future, go see the movie.

It's a good story that's told well and it makes a point that's valuable for everybody.  Marriages in this country are in a crisis mode just as much as our financial markets.  And the cost is just as great.

The movie is not preachy and it does not make any pitches for Christianity.  However, it points in that direction and leaves room for those who might not be comfortable going in that direction.

I'm walking my daughter down the aisle this next Saturday.  Would I recommend this movie to her and her fiance?  Yes. Yes and yes.  Make time for it.  Go see it and talk about it.  Or go see it on your honeymoon. 

I will post more about the movie and my reaction to it.

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