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How do you respond when somebody gives you a really nice compliment?

Yesterday, I had a big smile on my face from a post written by my good friend David Porter of Boomer In The Pew.  He recalled how we met, how we worked together on his blog for his business and how we've maintained our relationship through our blogs. 


He was very affirming of me as a person and wow that felt good.

It felt good because I value our friendship and I really respect this guy.  When I'd go to his office I'd enjoy sitting in his waiting room where he had a regular "Letter From My Heart" written to his clients.  What I read showed a very transparent and a very caring person.

Then he moved to Arizona where he started his blog Boomer In The Pew.  Because I was feeling the same tugs and searching for the same things, I felt a new connection to him. 

He's on an incredible journey to get to know our creator and his son, Jesus Christ, in a more personal way.  Dave's digging and delving and praying and he's writing about it.

And he takes time to give a shout to the blog world about his friends.  I felt good after reading his post about me.  He respects me and counts me as a friend and as a brother in Christ.

I learned something, again, from this.  I need to pay it forward.  Who can I give an affirmation to today in person or through the blog?

Thanks Dave!

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