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Thumbing through the online newspapers and stuff on Friday, Sep. 19

As the day is starting here in mid-Michigan, here's what I'm reading online on a cool Friday morning:

  • Our Daily Bread devotion for today from Luke 2:46-52 where Jesus stays behind at the temple in Jerusalem to learn from God the Father. We are to be learner-disciples by keeping our hearts open to God's teaching.  Yesterday, walking through our southwest side Lansing (MI) neighborhood, I listened on my iPod to a great podcast from James McDonald of Walk In The Word from Habakkuk 3.  As our world goes through some real wierdness and tough times, that chapter shows the overwhelming power of God.
  • Been Thinking About blog from Mart De Haan of Radio Bible Class where he's been continuing series of posts on what the Bible says about forgiveness.  He delves into the seeming contradictions and gets lots of conversation with the comments.
  • AP story where Michelle Obama asks her audience and voters not to vote for a candidate because he or she is cute.  I'm not voting for John McCain because he's cute.
  • AP story about Michigan Legislature proudly hailing passage of an energy bill that will raise prices for electricity for consumers, lessen competition between suppliers and require increased use of renewable energy.  Republicans supported it.  Is that kind of a tax increase?
  • Lansing columnist Tim Skubick writes about how there's a growing lack of trust between state lawmakers, the governor, lobbyists and the media.  This affects decision-making in a big way.  See if you can spot the places where Skubick takes God's name in vain.  
  • Detroit Free Press writes about how financial market meltdown is affecting Michigan.  Note in the middle of the story comments by Mackinac Center for Public Policy economist David Littman predicting a recession next year.  Also, auto companies will struggle to get funds they need to get out of the muck and mire they are in.
  • USA Today story about how our country has thrown aside its advice to other countries facing economic crisis.  Our advice to others had been to let the market solve the problem and get government out of the way.  As we nationalize more and more of the financial market, we are throwing free market advice out the window.

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