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Two different views about Twitter, one from a pastor and one from an attorney

Do you think Twitter is useful or is it a waste of time?

Here are two points of view, one where a pastor thinks micro-blogging like Twitter is waste of bandwidth and the ultimate expression of Internet silliness and the other from a New Orleans attorney who used it to track friends struggling with Hurricane Ike.

The pastor is the Rev. Paul McCain who has the blog Cyberbrethren
and who quotes what he describes as a great article on "Twitter hate."  The pastor says, "I found it (Twitter) to be the ultimate expression of Internet silliness."

On the other end is Ernie Svenson of New Orleans who has the blog
, Ernie The Attorney who describes the how and why of using Twitter during hurricanes or other crises.  He and his friends on the Gulf Coast have lived through some tense times with the various natural disasters and communication has been a lifeline.

Question:  Why is Twitter useless in the eyes of this influential pastor and useful in the eyes of this attorney who lives in an area that has experienced one natural disaster after another?

For those not familiar with or who still don't understand Twitter, check out this video from Lee Lefever who reduces it to really simple terms and makes it relevant:

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