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Do GM Hamtramck layoffs mean the end is coming for big Buicks?

When I was a kid growing up in Bay City (MI) in the sixties, big Buicks almost always meant a comfortable ride.  It was the kind of car your rich aunt and uncle drove when they went to Florida for the winter.

That's why it was kind of sad to see General Motors layoff of 500 employees at the plant in Hamtramck where the Buick Lucerne is made.  The Detroit Free Press says the layoffs will occur two days before Christmas and are happening because of reduced demand for the big car.

But, take a look at the website for the Lucerne.  It reeks of luxury with features like quiet tuning, heated washer fluid, magnetic ride control, ultrasonic rear parking assist, stabili trak and the Northstar V8 engine.  Click on the online photo gallery in the left margin.

Even if you can afford this vehicle, you face social pressure to downsize.

The Hamtramck plant is slated to be the plant where GM's new electric car, the Volt, will be produced.

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