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Right in the midst of historic economic anxiety in mid-Michigan, there's an island of hope and excitement at Clark Corners Shopping Center in Dewitt, MI.  That's where "superwife" and I spent the morning waiting for a delivery truck to drop off more chairs for the 5,000 square foot worship center at Christ The King Anglican Church.

It's a church plant of the Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMIA) which is a mission of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.  That's right, it's a mission from Africa to this country. 

Now I've always pictured the Anglican Church as being staid and usually housed in big cathedrals where there's lots of religious ritual.  That's not the case here.

We've been visiting there for a few months and we've found a fresh excitement about the Gospel and about Jesus Christ and the difference they can make in our daily lives. 

For some day-to-day ammo for living, I invite you to listen to one of these sermons given by Father Jack Lumanog, the rector of the church.  Whether you live in central Michigan or on the outskirts of Timbuktu, Mali, his words provide an easy handle to help you grab onto hope given through Jesus Christ.

Listen to this short Flip video clip from Father Jack this morning: