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How's your mayor using his/her city credit card?

Every taxpayer in the country should be asking whether their mayor has a city-provided credit and then ask for specifics on how it's being used?

Well, you ask, shouldn't we trust those municipal officials who have credit cards where taxpayers foot the bill?  Answer:  Nope.

Take former city of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who was forced from office for various misdeeds.  He had a reputation for being free with city taxpayers' money, especially when he had their credit card in his pocket.

The Detroit Free Press has reported
that Kilpatrick had used his city-funded credit card to pay for "swanky meals, spa visits and chauffeured sedans . . ."

City auditors are expected to release an update of Kilpatrick's credit card charges.  Public officials need to be held accountable.

If the news media doesn't fill that role, then citizens need to step in and do it themselves.

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