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Is this true: There are more slaves today than at any previous time in history

Riding in the back of an old van in Bamako, Mali a couple of years ago, I was jolted into reality in a brutal way when I saw the sign warning parents to keep track of their kids so they would be kidnapped into a life of slavery.

Then we met a grown man from Burkina Faso whose face was highlighted by an old scar made by his parents when he was a child to brand him so he could be easily identified if he was taken by slave traders.

Now, I read about this new documentary film titled Call+Response.  It supposedly brings today's slave trade up close and personal.  It comes to theaters this week, according to Mark Earley of Prison Fellowship.

In an online column, he writes:

From the brothels of Cambodia to the brick kilns of India, the film
exposes the fact that there are more slaves in the world today—some 27
million—than at any previous time in history.

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