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To vote today, we stood in line for more than hour-and-a-half in southside of Lansing, MI

In mid-Michigan: For judge, should I vote for Reynolds, Aquilina, Lawless, etc.

When I vote tomorrow, I will be asked to make my three picks for the local circuit court.  What criteria 2999835620_9681b5d33e should I use for making my picks out of six candidates? 

I have mailers sent to my house from three of the candidates:  Rosemarie Aquilina, Janelle Lawless and Frank Harrison Reynolds. 

Now I'm not unfamiliar with courts and how they work and I know about the role a judge and I see their importance.  But how do you decide if a candidate would make a good judge or if they are an incumbent, have they been effective on the bench.

Look at the endorsements?  Their community activities?  How law they've practiced law?  The pictures on their glossy flyers? 

It probably gets down to pin the tail on the candidate.  It's a name thing.  I'd like to do it better and be more informed. 

Anybody feel the same need?