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Michigan Republican chairman outlines reasons for massive defeat

Why did Republicans lose so massively in yesterday's election?

In an e-mail today, Michigan Republican chair Saul Anuzis shares his diagnosis for the voters public humbling of the GOP:

Our challenge going forward is to renew the faith of the American people in our party. We are the party that represents the best hopes of America.

Unfortunately, some of our elected leaders broke faith with the American people, on so many of our Republican core issues, that Republicans lost the ability to appeal to middle class families.
On issues of national security, spending, taxes, and values, too many Republicans have not kept their promise to America. But by returning to those fundamentals, we can once again be a majority party. It is more then just tactics and mechanics. It is about believing in and living your principles.

I believe that when our party once again adheres to our core values and beliefs, and can again demonstrate to America that we can be trusted on those issues, we will make a comeback – stronger than ever.

That's a start Saul.  But what is the party going to do to rediscover its core values and to stick to them?