What I found being part of my first "meme" from www.boomerinthepew.com
Here's what I'm reading about the auto industry crisis and how it will affect Michigan

My new posts on my Southwest Lansing (MI) blog: parking downtown, etc.

Do you live in or near Lansing (MI)? 

I'm posting on my blog--Southwest Lansing (MI) and my neighborhood--about issues which affect the entire city.  I invite you to check them out and to share your thoughts:

  • Do you have stories about parking in downtown Lansing?  Here's one person's experience, a person who lives in Grand Ledge and who used to spend money and time downtown.
  • City Hall is positioned to give a special $440,000 below prime rate loan to the Troppos Restaurant owner to move and expand.  It's taxpayers' money.  How do you feel about it?  How does your city council member feel about the loan?
  • Averill Woods neighborhood on the southwest side of the city is one of the crown residential jewels in the city.  Are you familiar with its boundaries?

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