In mid-Michigan: For judge, should I vote for Reynolds, Aquilina, Lawless, etc.
Super-son's Flip video from Times Square on Election Night

To vote today, we stood in line for more than hour-and-a-half in southside of Lansing, MI

From our experience voting this morning at Lansing's (MI) southwest side, you could clearly see that something is brewing on the minds of voters.

We voted at the Averill Elementary School where the parking lot and the streets were jammed with cars, but there was no line out the door.  The line was inside where it went down to the end of a long haul and back again to the gymnasium where voting took place.

How many were in the hallway?  It could have been anywhere from 200-300 with the line continually being continually replenished with newly-arrived voters.

They covered the whole demographic spectrum of the neighborhood of Caucasians, African-Americans, and nationalized citizens from a range of other countries.  The ages went from one end of the voter continuum to the other. 

What did I take away from today's voting experience?

People are not happy with government now and they want a change.  And Republicans are going to receive a lesson in humility of biblical proportions.

Everybody seemed patient and respectful