Here's what I'm reading about the auto industry crisis and how it will affect Michigan
Bullet-point memories from our trip to Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving 2008

What if heads of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford took a lesson from Jesus Christ?

The titans of the auto industry took some pretty severe criticism from members of the U.S. Congress for flying in and out of Washington, D.C. on their private jets.  The symbolism of their actions was contradictory to what they were trying to portray.

They came to Washington pleading financial poverty for their industry and begging for super-sized loans from taxpayers. 

While autoworkers struggle with a down-sized workforce and what that means, the CEO's enter and leave the Nation's Capital like kings.

Now fast forward to yesterday's sermon from Father Jack Lumanog of Christ The King Anglican Church in Dewitt, MI and his sermon from Matthew 25:35-46 where Jesus Christ comes back in all his majesty to judge the earth.

He separates the winners from the losers.  Check the criteria he uses.  It centers around helping all kinds of people in need.

As Michigan moves into another year and slides further into economic trouble, I need to listen again to Father Jack's sermon and reread that text from Matthew.

I know it's probably not practical, but just think of the symbolism of the three auto company heads carpooling on their trip to D.C. with Rick Wagoner driving a five-year-old Malibu.

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