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What's cost for U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers constituent newsletter?

2999729828_e7f9c0bdb4 I wouldn't raise a question about the cost of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers' newsletter to me and the rest of his constituents if I knew he didn't use my money to pay for it.   What's your guess?  How much did it cost to put together and to mail?

What did each one of us in the 8th House District get for the 50 cents to $1 that each of us had to pay for him to send it to us?  After reading it, do you feel that you should ask for your money back?  But, if he gave it back, he'd probably dip into our pockets to pay for the refund?

The newsletter or news update, whatever you want to call it, is on an 8" x 11" page printed on two sides with postage paid for out of his office budget.  It's full-color on thick glossy stock.

This one touts Rogers' plan to bring this country to energy independence.  With a smart graphically designed icons, he promotes how he'd solve six vital energy areas. 

It's pure old school public relations where Rogers' bloviates about how great he is in this one area.  It reminds me of a slick mailer for a new car model where it's all brag, brag, brag.  The only difference is that the car comany pays for the brochure and we pay for Rogers.

Let it be noted, I'm a Republican with a fading party loyalty. 

Anybody else have the same reaction?