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I am a conservative in the free market, Barry Goldwater sense of the word.  Government does very few things well and what it does get involved in it usually does a poor job.

On a philosophical basis, I agree with an email I got yesterday from David Keene, the executive director of the American Conservative Union.  The best method for fixing the auto industry is to let the free market sort out the issues with the auto industry. 

They point to the fact that auto companies are producing cars that most U.S. buyers don't want.  The email says:

The facts are U.S. automakers produce less than 50% of the vehicles Americans now buy.  Statistics from the Center of Automotive Research document the density of vehicle assembly line manufacturing has shifted as foreign manufactures assemble more and more vehicles right here in the U.S. 

The Wall Street Journal has noted foreign owned manufacturers now employ 113,000 American citizens as compared to 239,000 who are employed by U.S. owned manufactures. 

Now take that "Let them eat cake attitude" to Michigan and you're not going to get many takers.  Every one of us in our state is dependent on the auto industry more than any other state.  We all have friends and relatives who work in the business.

There's real fear in a middle class that has depended on the auto industry for their livelihood.  It's not their fault that auto industry leadership has failed. 

Conservatives need more compassion and they need to step in with ideas that will attract persons whose lives will be dramatically changed forever.