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Baby Boomer Report: Looking back and ahead at turning sixty and the changes in my life

I'm sixty-two years old which means that I was born in 1946, the first group of baby boomers, the population bubble that came right after the end of World War II.

As the New Year stares me in the face, I want to start looking back to set both short and long range goals. Because of my age, I know that I need to be more intentional about living and what I want to do in life. It's easy for me to let life happen, to be reactive, rather than proactive.

One area that concerns me is health. I'm okay in that area right now, but I know that I've taken it for granted. Food is the issue, both physical and spiritual.

I do know that my future will be determined by what I eat and digest in both areas today.

I need to sort this out more in my mind. I'll probably use this blog to help me in that effort. More to come. I've need to get ready for church.

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