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Bullet-point memories from our trip to Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving 2008

These are some of my memories of our trip to Washington, D.C. to spend Thanksgiving 2008 with our son, Justin:

  • Last night's worship service at our son's church--The Church of the Resurrection, 801 North Carolina Ave. SE--where we felt very welcomed and where we felt the presence of God. 
  • Last Friday morning's tour of the Pentagon by a friend of our son's where we saw the chapel used to remember those who lost their lives at that spot on 9/11.  As a souvenir, I took a small New Testament from the Gideons as a reminder that whatever happens God will always be there.
  • Last Saturday's walk around the U.S. Capitol on a bright, sunny and almost warm day where we saw preparations for the Inauguration of President-elect Obama.  Such a massive transfer of power is happening peacefully and with confidence.
  • Last Thursday's tour of the new National Museum of American History where we had an organized look at many of the artifacts which have been important in our national identity.
  • Last Saturday's tour of the Library of Congress where we saw new exhibits about the founding of this country.  It was a reminder of the struggles that took place to build something that we take for granted.
  • Sunday brunch at Tunnicliffs Tavern at 2227th St. SE which is right smack dab in the middle of the Eastern Market area, an eclectic mixture of stands with food and handicrafts.
  • Last Wednesday night's visit to Good Stuff Eatery at 303 Pennsylvania Ave., SE started by Chef Spike from the television show Top Chef.  It's a high-end hamburger place where we had turkey burgers and french fries with a mango mayo sauce.
The best part was being with our son, Justin, and becoming better acquainted with his friends and seeing life through his eyes.

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